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Instantly find the exact citation and page within any content, video or document. Includes 24/7 support along with our content authoring and assessment builder. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "User"?
Any unique individual in your organization or who logs onto to your Feathercap community with a unique email or phone number.
Do you integrate with my HRIS, LMS, CRM?
We integrate with most every modern HRIS, LMS, CRM (Salesforce) as well as intranet. 
Do you support Dropbox? Box or MS Sharepoint?
We support in our trial version Dropbox and is included in our paid version. Those wishing to sync their Feathercap communities with Box, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Sharepoint can do so by request. 
Can I embed your search bar? E.g. Into

Yes! As an option, along with our support of Single-Sign-on, we can enable an externalized and unique URL for your search bar with access to all your content. 

Typically, this has been embedded in Salesforce or other company intranets so team members can search and find answers while working within the tools they are used to. 

Do you generate tracking data on content accessed?
We track every users behavior; from when they accessed any search results, how long they spent on each specific page of content. 
Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! Contact sales to find out more. 

Contact Sales

Feathercap lets us maintain consistency and uniformity in onboarding and training all of our employees around the world. We now can instantly see any skill gaps with a way to easily fill them.

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